Kessel Quartet

Adam Hopkins (bass), John Lilley (tenor sax), CJ Wolfe (drums), SB (guitar)

Scott Burton Trio

Scott Clark (drums), Cameron Ralston (bass), SB (guitar)

Ritual Magick

SB (guitar and modular synth)


Shannon Carey (vocals, banjo and words), Brian Cruse (bass), CJ Wolfe (drums), SB (guitar)

2017 Once-A-Month Project

SB (all instruments and sounds)


Scott Clark (drums), SB (guitar)

Glows in the Dark

Scott Clark (drums), John Lilley (tenor and alto sax), Reggie Pace (trombone and percussion), Cameron Ralston (bass), SB (guitar)

Standards & Practices

Shareef Taher (drums), SB (guitar)

Ones and Zeroes

Josh Grove (drums), Nick Payne (bass), SB (guitar)